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Our diligence sets us apart from the competition.

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Our team are experts in a range of services. Whatever your business goals happen to be, we can help you achieve them.

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From business sales to strategy, we help our clients grow with a personalised approach and outcome-driven attitude.

Business Advisory Services in Hobart

Actionable Business Advice across Hobart, Launceston and Tasmania

Our business advisors will aid you in raising your business’ value to its highest potential. We work with businesses of any size and in any industry.

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Discover the business advisory services we offer in Tasmania

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Develop new strategies to facilitate further growth

Identifying new businesses strategies can consolidate the value of your business, especially if you are preparing to sell in the near future. A great strategy is the key to a great result. Our guide to business strategy can help you understand:

  • How better strategies yield better sales outcomes
  • What kind of strategies your competitors are using
  • How much value your business can potentially add

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"Having access to business advisory can make or break a company. With our strategic advice and some repositioning and restructuring, your business can become significantly more attractive to buyers."
Tom Butler

Achieve Sustainable and Rapid Growth With Our Business Advisory Services

Tasmania is a brilliant location for businesses seeking growth, investment or sale. Opportunities abound in Hobart, Launceston, and throughout the state. A strong business advisory team can help you make the most of them. Nash Advisory offers precisely such a service.Our experienced business advisors will guide you in capitalising upon your business’ strengths while rectifying any weaknesses. Our strategies will sharpen your competitive edge so your business can reach its full value.Our team of business advisors is ready to get to work. Fill out our contact form if you are too, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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Global map of buyers and investors

We Bring International Perspectives to Local Hobart Businesses

With solid business connections across Australia and the world, Nash Advisory brings an arsenal of resources to the table. Our business advisory team will utilise our vast network to provide insights that other advisors simply cannot and connect you with serious buyers few others have access to.

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Get key insights into your sector with our detailed industry report

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Our Experienced Business Advisory Team

With decades of experience, our team takes pride in delivering customised, results-driven solutions to help improve your business and, when you’re ready, prepare it for sale.

Let’s focus on your vision and start setting some goals.

Business Advisory Hobart


4 - 6 Weeks

The first step is to make sure we are on the same page. Next, we will help our client understand the process, before we work together to set goals and expectations. We will undertake preliminary research into your business, giving it context within the broader Tasmanian and Australian business scenes.

  • Goal-setting and client education begin
  • Create a business scorecard to identify the client’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore aggressive and conservative growth plans


4 Weeks

We seek high-reward opportunities and new insights for growing your business. To that end, we begin competitor analysis and open communication with potential buyers. 

  • We seek growth opportunities within our Australian and international networks
  • Forecast industry trends, highlighting those most relevant to our clients
  • Meticulously analyse the risk/reward factors of possible growth strategies



We present our findings to the client’s management team and decide to follow through on the best one.

  • The final proposal is presented
  • Once approved, the client actions the plan with continued support from the Nash advisory team.
Business Advisory Hobart

Unlock the full potential of your Hobart-based business for a maximum sale value. 

Experience the advantage of partnering with Nash Advisory, where our team of specialists brings expertise in selling businesses across diverse industries in Australia. As business owners, we intimately understand the distinct challenges of the Hobart market. Trust us to provide dependable and practical advice tailored to your needs, empowering you to take confident steps towards success.

In the thriving business environment of Hobart, ensuring optimal returns for buyers and securing the highest possible sale price for your company is paramount. At Nash Advisory, our team of business advisory specialists provides a comprehensive range of services designed to position your Hobart-based business as an enticing opportunity for discerning buyers. With our expertise and tailored approach, we empower you to attract and captivate potential buyers, maximising the value and desirability of your business.

  • Create a customised business plan centred on optimisation, incorporating key performance indicators to guarantee outstanding outcomes.
  • Benefit from personalised financial advice to excel in sales presentations while fulfilling all tax compliance obligations.
  • Leverage our extensive global network of fiercely competitive buyers who consistently surpass your highest expectations with enticing and compelling offers.

In the vibrant business community of Hobart, we have a proven record of achieving successful business sales across a wide range of industries and sizes. Our unique approach, combining data-driven strategies, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to excellence sets our business advisory service apart. When you choose to work with us, you can trust our experienced advisors to secure the prosperous outcome your business deserves.

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See the blueprint for success with examples of 12 documents used in a business sale

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The Nash Advisory Advantage

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Diligence Work Ethic

Our experienced team offer personalised and client-specific strategies that prioritise your unique needs and goals.

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Personal Relationship

With a Nash Advisory director as your lead contact, they will provide clear advice quickly, taking decisive action as the situation requires.

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Results-Oriented Advisory

When the goal is to maximise the value of your business, no strategy is too grand, minuscule or out of the box. Every option is considered and fairly evaluated.

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No Armchair Expertise

Every Nash Advisory business advisor has owned, grown, and sold businesses. As a result, we know how to overcome challenges that crop up along the way.

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Contact Our Experienced Business Advisors

Together, we can raise the value of your business beyond all expectations.

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Your Questions Answered

What services do Nash Advisory's business advisors offer in Hobart?

Nash Advisory is a trusted and renowned provider of accounting and financial reporting services in Australia. Our team of experienced advisors is committed to delivering the highest quality advice and service to our clients in Hobart. With expertise in both public and private accounting, we are dedicated to helping businesses like yours achieve their goals and thrive in the dynamic business landscape of Hobart.

Is hiring a business advisor for your Hobart business worth it?

Absolutely! A knowledgeable business advisor is invaluable regardless of your industry, size, or goals.

A business advisor brings expertise and experience to help you overcome current challenges and avoid future ones. While you may be an expert in your business, a consultant with industry-wide knowledge can provide an unbiased perspective and guide you through critical decision-making processes.

A business advisor can offer essential support in areas like corporate finance and forensic accounting for companies with limited liability. Businesses facing financial hurdles, such as cash flow management, tax planning, or succession planning, should consider engaging an advisor.

Furthermore, an advisor can assist you in developing growth and expansion strategies. And if you're considering selling your business, a reliable business consultant will have a network of potential buyers and the know-how to maximise your company's value.

There are countless reasons to hire a business advisor, but ultimately, it boils down to this: Hiring an advisor is an investment in the future success of your Hobart business.

What experience do Nash’s business advisors have?

At Nash Advisory, our team of business advisors comprises accomplished and thriving business professionals. We understand that theoretical knowledge alone isn't sufficient, which is why each of our advisors has a wealth of practical experience in starting, growing, and selling businesses in Hobart.

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