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Sell your business in Bendigo

Earn maximum returns from your Bendigo business sale

It's not small decision to sell your business. You deserve a sale price that matches the time and effort you've poured into it over the years. Trust Nash Advisory to get you that price.

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Understand the true value of your business

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Business valuations — how it works

The road to achieving the best sales outcome

Valuing a business is a complex process. A business valuation from Nash Advisory can give you an understanding of what you stand to gain. Here's how our analysis process works:

  • We identify key areas of strength and weakness, and scope out areas for improvement
  • We compare your business to others in the market along with similar sales results to gauge your relative strength
  • We fully explain how the results of this analysis can impact your valuation and saleability

The first step is to organise a free initial consultation with our team. Fill in the form and we will contact you to arrange a discovery call.

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"With a strong manufacturing history and increasing opportunities in construction and healthcare, Bendigo has seen enormous growth over the last 10 years. And with great growth comes great opportunity."
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Tom Butler

Preparing your Bendigo business for sale

Bendigo is an ideal location for any business. It's one of Victoria's — in fact, Australia's — fastest developing regional areas.

Business investors and buyers cannot resist the possibilities Bendigo offers.

With recent experience selling businesses in regional Victoria, Nash Advisory knows how to put the spotlight on your business.

If you're considering selling, contact us — you'll have us on the line within 24 hours.

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Global map of buyers and investors

Bendigo deserves to go global

There's no length we won't go to, to find the perfect buyer for your business. Let's expand the pool of buyers from Bendigo to the world. With contacts in private equity firms, exchange-listed companies and global conglomerates, we'll find a buyer who values your business as much as you do. Maybe more.

Sample industry insight brochure

Gain key insights into your sector with our detailed industry report.

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Our team

Our expertise extends beyond understanding national and international markets. Our regional experts understand the finer details of the greater Victorian landscape. We know precisely what works, and why. All of that expertise will be at your disposal.

Let's work together to achieve the best possible outcome

What it takes to sell a business in Bendigo


4 - 6 WEEKS

We complete a thorough analysis of your Bendigo-based business. This helps us to determine how to best position it with buyers to achieve an optimal sale price.

  • Educate clients on the process
  • Provide detailed options for potential buys, such as private equity firms, industry buyers and private individuals
  • Evaluate the business and provide a report
  • Tailor a scorecard for the business, identifying strengths and areas for improvement


4 - 12 WEEKS

We work with you to prepare your Bendigo business for sale. The more effort we spend in preparation, the more accessible your business will be to buyers.

  • We'll work closely with your management team to fortify your strengths, and improve or mitigate weaknesses
  • Agreed improvement strategies will be executed
  • Evaluating normalisation and add-backs
  • Collating financial and customer data to cover 50 key metrics
  • Building a starter pack, including NDA, IM and One Pager
  • Preparing a data room to securely provide buyers with any details they need



With your Bendigo business at its best, we dive into the national and international buyer pools.

  • Source and contact buyers to get a sense of how the market sees your business
  • Research also begins on active buyers locally and globally
  • Using those insights, we'll narrow our list of potential buyers to those with the strongest motivation to buy



With our refined list of buyers, we can ramp up our search for the right one.

  • Open discussions with relevant and motivated buyers
  • Provide marketing and proprietary documents
  • Make introductions and manage enquiries
  • Offer business tours and management team meetings



We begin courting serious buyers. We are your biggest advocates, and we will negotiate hard for the maximum price.

  • Negotiations begin with a Term Sheet, defining the conditions of the sale
  • Buyers will be provided with up-to-date data and modelling
  • Negotiations evolve until all parties are ready to sign the Term Sheet


6 - 10 WEEKS

Before buyers will commit, they must do their due diligence. We have a responsibility to help manage this sensitive and complex process.

  • Comply with all Requests for Information
  • Lawyers draft and deliver legal documents
  • Continue Q&As and site tours



With the buyer and sale locked in, we'll guide you through the final details.

  • The signing of final key documents
  • Management of transfer of funds
Sample toolkit

See the blueprint for success with examples of 12 documents used in a business sale

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The Nash Advisory advantage

Real business experience

Our team has an extraordinary depth and breadth of experience. Your Bendigo business will be in the best hands possible.

Solid track record

We have a proven track record of selling businesses in regional Victoria. We understand precisely what appeals to buyers.

Work directly with directors

When you choose to put your trust in us, we take it seriously. We don't palm off projects — we work directly with and for you.

Outcomes focused

Our sole priority is getting our clients the best possible deal. We measure our success by your level of satisfaction.

Does your business need strategic capital investment?

Learn about Nash Capital

Case Studies

Reach out to us, and let's start selling your Bendigo business

Preparation is key. Whatever stage you're at, bring us in so that we can help.

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Your questions answered

How long does the process take to sell my business?

Selling a business will generally take between 6 and 12 months. A well planned process should result in a higher outcome for the vendor. Companies who wish to sell their business quickly (i.e within the next 3 months) will typically get a lower result. We aim to set out all expectations and have a clear business sale strategy so all areas of the process can be covered.

How much will the buyer pay and how long will they take?

The market will determine the value of a business. However, we aim to provide a 'view of value' by way of our Nash 360 Valuation Report. In addition to this, we engage with our trusted buyers and investors early in the process to get an indication of price and terms. We can do this within the first one to three months of the process.

Is my data safe when talking to a competitor?

We always ensure that buyers sign confidentiality agreements. When the buyer is a direct competitor, we withhold sensitive information until the end of the transaction. We typically break up the data provided into 3 batches; with the final batch including key customers, pricing and employees.

Who are the likely buyers when selling my business?

The buyer pool can be very broad, or quite specific. This usually depends on the size of your business, the management team, and the industry. The buyers could be private investors, large trade buyers, or private equity firms. Each buyer groups acquires businesses in different ways.

What is involved in due diligence?

A buyer will want to consider all aspects of your business—financials, contracts, customers, industry tailwinds, and management, to name just a few. Diligence can take as little as one months or up to four months depending on your ability to access key data. Our job is to push the process forward an ensure diligence runs smoothly.

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