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Selling your Shepparton Business

Maximise the value of your Shepparton business

Selling a business can be a complicated task — our expertise makes it simple. Nash Advisory can unknot the process, making the job clear, straightforward and manageable. With our market understanding and buyer connections, we can help you achieve maximum value for your business.

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Understand the true value of your business

How much is your business really worth? Arrange a preliminary valuation call with one of our experts.

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Business valuations — how it works

The road to achieving the best sales outcome

Valuing a business is a complex process. A business valuation from Nash Advisory can give you an understanding of what you stand to gain. Here's how our analysis process works:

  • We identify key areas of strength and weakness, and scope out areas for improvement
  • We compare your business to others in the market along with similar sales results to gauge your relative strength
  • We fully explain how the results of this analysis can impact your valuation and saleability

The first step is to organise a free initial consultation with our team. Fill in the form and we will contact you to arrange a discovery call.

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"With a strong agricultural and manufacturing base, tremendous opportunities exist for businesses in Shepparton and throughout the Goulburn Valley to take advantage of buyer interest."
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Tom Butler

Preparing your Shepparton business for sale

Preparation is the key to achieving the best price for your business. With experience selling businesses in regional Victoria, we understand the unique selling points of businesses situated in key regional growth hubs.

It pays to talk to our expert team sooner rather than later. We can help you highlight the positives and make incremental improvements to help present your business in the best light to prospective buyers.

As featured in

Global map of buyers and investors

Place Shepparton on the world stage

To achieve the best outcome for you and your business, we'll contact key buyers close to home and further afield.

We have a wide network of contacts, from global conglomerates to private equity firms. We'll work closely with you to understand the best fit to achieve the outcome you're looking for.

Sample industry insight brochure

Gain key insights into your sector with our detailed industry report.

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Our team

The Nash team is comprised of business investors and owners, who have direct experience developing and selling businesses across Australia, and internationally.

Let our expertise realise your vision. Kick off the process with a conversation.

Our timeline for selling your Shepparton business


4 - 6 WEEKS

The process begins with the basics. We take the time to learn everything we can about your business, and teach you how we operate.

  • Clarify our process and answer your questions
  • Understand your business and preferred outcome
  • Create a detailed valuation report about your business
  • Develop a scorecard to easily identify your business strengths and weaknesses


4 - 12 WEEKS

Preparation is the key to success. Let's get your Shepparton business in selling shape.

  • Action strategies proposed in the valuation report
  • Assess normalisation levels
  • Work closely with your executives to implement business improvements
  • Collate customer data and financial data into 50 distinct groupings
  • Produce NDA, IM and One Pager documents for a buyer starter pack
  • Create a data room to securely provide buyers with necessary data



Having understood your business and your goals, we begin the search for a buyer.

  • Contact initial buyers to better understand the market's view of your business
  • Develop buyer profiles to identify buyers with strong motivation to buy your specific offering
  • Use our data to contact likely buyers within Australia, and globally



With a clear shortlist, we drive our pitch forward.

  • The most likely serious buyers are contacted
  • Proprietary documents and marketing materials are sent through
  • Enquiries are assessed
  • Site tours and executive meetings are scheduled



As the shortlist narrows, we invite buyers to the negotiating table.

  • Initial Term Sheets and conditions are discussed
  • Your Nash team will provide modelling data to buyers to inform their decision
  • Negotiations will continue until all parties are satisfied


6 - 10 WEEKS

Buyer diligence is a vital part of the process. It's also a complex and sensitive one that must be carefully attended to.

  • RFIs (Requests for Information) are received and responded to
  • All parties engage contract lawyers
  • Final Q&As, executive discussions and site tours are conducted



When it's time to sign, we'll make sure every detail is in order.

  • Key documents approved and signed
  • Funds released and transfer managed
Sample toolkit

See the blueprint for success with examples of 12 documents used in a business sale

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The Nash Advisory advantage

Work with our directors

If you own a business in Shepparton, you'll benefit from direct contact with our directors. Their years of knowledge and experience will be invaluable throughout the process.

Netowrk of buyers

We look all over Shepparton, the country, and the world to find the right buyer for your business. Our endgame is to find the best possible fit in a variety of categories.

Real business experience

We have bought and sold businesses in Shepparton before, and we know what it takes to appeal to buyers. Our local experience is our mutual benefit.

Outcomes focused

We work to secure better outcomes for your business. In turn, this is our metric for success, and we will only consider having succeeded if you do first.

Does your business need strategic capital investment?

Learn about Nash Capital

Case Studies

Let Nash Advisory help you sell your Shepparton business

Preparation is key. Whatever stage you're at, we can help you take the next step.

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Your questions answered

How long does the process take to sell my business?

Selling a business will generally take between 6 and 12 months. A well planned process should result in a higher outcome for the vendor. Companies who wish to sell their business quickly (i.e within the next 3 months) will typically get a lower result. We aim to set out all expectations and have a clear business sale strategy so all areas of the process can be covered.

Who are the likely buyers when selling my business?

The buyer pool can be very broad, or quite specific. This usually depends on the size of your business, the management team, and the industry. The buyers could be private investors, large trade buyers, or private equity firms. Each buyer groups acquires businesses in different ways.

Is my data safe when talking to a competitor?

We always ensure that buyers sign confidentiality agreements. When the buyer is a direct competitor, we withhold sensitive information until the end of the transaction. We typically break up the data provided into 3 batches; with the final batch including key customers, pricing and employees.

What is involved in due diligence?

A buyer will want to consider all aspects of your business—financials, contracts, customers, industry tailwinds, and management, to name just a few. Diligence can take as little as one months or up to four months depending on your ability to access key data. Our job is to push the process forward an ensure diligence runs smoothly.

How much will the buyer pay and how long will they take?

The market will determine the value of a business. However, we aim to provide a 'view of value' by way of our Nash 360 Valuation Report. In addition to this, we engage with our trusted buyers and investors early in the process to get an indication of price and terms. We can do this within the first one to three months of the process.

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